Connecting entrepreneurs and companies with highly active business angels.

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We work with entrepreneurs and companies seeking to raise finance by connecting them with highly active potential investors (‘business angels’), who frequently provide commercial experience and contacts, in addition to vital capital.

Oxford Investment Opportunity Network (OION) was established in 1994 as one of the UK’s first business angel networks. OION has a particular interest in companies with a strong barrier to entry, often patented; but will consider any company with a strong vision for growth and seeking investment from £200k to ~£2m. We link qualified Investors (High Net Worth, Sophisticated and Institutional) to companies with high growth potential.

The next investment meeting will be held at the Said Business School, Oxford at 4pm.

For a full list of events or to attend as a guest investor, visit our meetings page.


Comprised of 4 companies, we are structured to bring financial markets standards to the fine wine market.


Aiming to be the leading manufacturer and developer of grid-scale energy storage battery systems with the lowest levelised cost of…

Further funding available from ISfB

​Innovation Support for Business (ISfB) has made available a minimum of £250,000 grant to invest alongside investors qualified under OION Ltd. Investment…
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